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Born: 18 July 1976, Madrid, Spain (age 30)
Birth Name: Elsa Lafuente Medianu
Height: 5' 3½" (1.61 m)
Credited Years: 1995 - 2008
Profession: Actress / Self
Known for: Snakes on a Plane / Ninette / Romasanta: The Werewolf Hunt

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Greg emailed Mrs. Blair to see if she knew what hotel and room, her husband stays in when he is in New York? He no more than hit the send button when his cell phone beeped twice indicating the call was coming Mrs. Blair cell phone. They were both untraceable except in recognizing each other.

"Hello Greg, are you finding everything to your satisfaction at the penthouse?"

Greg was speechless trying to answer that question. He put the phone on speaker and let Annie answer for the two of them. "I don't know how we can ever thank you. This is the greatest thing that has ever happened to us. I hope you are hot mad at me for getting so carried away jessica biel sex movies the shopping. I could return some of it if you think I should."

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Annie asked, "Why is Tuscan art so important to you?"

"My great grandfather was from Tuscany and was a well known art teacher in his time. He trained many of the lesser-known artists and some of their work carries his style even through today's artist. Annie, I would love to see you spend a year a year at the University in Tuscany studying art and European culture.

Greg and Annie both started to thank Mrs. Blair for her scholarships she was providing to them.

"It is the least I can do for two of my favorite students. As I told Greg, I taught many years, not because I needed to financially, but because I love to see students achieve. Many more of my former students will be receiving scholarships. Once I am in control of the finances coming from my businesses, I will be endowing scholarships, fellowships and teaching positions, especially in the arts. And for you Greg, you have such a sexyfreevideo eye, that your education cannot be put on hold.

Greg asked, "Just out of curiosity sake, how many corporations are we talking about?

If the judge awards me the companies my attorney has recommended I will end up with 23 major corporations and some of those have smaller subsidiaries. So I will instantly become the President and CEO of free video animal sex 57 companies.

Greg and Annie both said, "Wow!" They knew Mr. Blair owned the largest mill in town and was the town's largest employer; however, they had no idea of his wealth or international companies.

Greg asked, "Are you planning to take over the local mill?

"No, I don't plan to kill his local dignity or start any type of scandal. No one locally except his accountants and attorneys even free sex denmark video clips he has so many companies. You asked about his hotel. I checked his email and he is staying at the Morgan House room 6916. He is checking in this afternoon.

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Greg hit the button on his cell phone to call Mrs. Blair and she answered immediately. "Hello Greg, how did you make out locating a room to monitor Dave's behavior"

"We already have information on the way he gets what he wants with women. Do you know a woman named Arlene who is married to one of your husband's employees named Frank?"

"Yes, Frank is the Chief Operating Officer of our plant in New Jersey. They manufacture equipment to make parts for the tool and dye industry and one the their subsidiaries makes laser operating equipment for hospitals. Why do you ask?

"Arlene is his date for the show tomorrow night. From free sex video viagra side of the conversation we have heard, it appears she is not a willing player. It appears he is using her husband's job security to get what he wants pov sex movies her."

"In a couple of months, she won't have to worry about her husband's job security. That is one of the 23 major companies I will own. It also has a division located in Germany where they make some of the highest quality precision measurement instruments in the world. kim poirier sex scene parts are key components in the hospital line."

"How did you gain free sex machine videos information?"

"We have equipment to record all noise and movement in the room. When Mr. Barker asked me how we were going to gather the data, I told him lesbain sex movies might be best if he didn't know, because most of it would not be legal in a court of law; however, I don't think your husband would risk it being leaked to the media, boards of directors or the stockholders."

"Mr. Barker told me about that conversation. He was very impressed with both of you. I understand Mrs. Barker sampled the merchandise. She tells me I have a lot to look forward to. Have a good night."

Nothing had happened for about two hours except Mr. Blair taking a shower and making more business calls when someone knocked on his door. "Good evening David, I am glad you invited me to stop by." The two people greeted each other with a kiss and Mr. Blair invited her to come in. A few minutes later a knock came at the door and room service delivered dinner.

Greg and Annie were trying to figure out who the woman was when Mr. Blair asked, "So how is your husband, the mayor's campaign going?"

The mayor's wife got up and walked around the table and said, "Your financial support will bridget fonda sex videos give it a boost. He stood up and the two figures began to kiss each other and the heat sensor showed clothes obviously being removed. He was lying on his back while she straddled him and asked if he free girl with animal sex galleries and movies be making his normal donation to the campaign? When he confirmed he would be, she lowered herself onto his cock. His hands massaged her tits as rose and fell on his dick.

Annie said, "This is really cool watching two people fuck in mid-air." As soon as he came, she went into dildo sex movies bathroom and when she returned she started getting dressed.

Mr. Blair asked, "Why are you getting dressed? I thought you were spending the night."

Walking over to the bed and kissing him, the mayor's wife said, "I would love to, but the Mayor and I have another commitment tonight." Kissing him on the forehead, she said "Thank you for your support." He walked her to the door.

When the door shut he made a call to someone on his staff who was obviously not working at that hour, and told the person to cancel all invoices for support to the Mayor and anyone caught carrying a sign for the mayor was to be fired. He then slammed the phone down and said, big sex movie bitch henry and june sex scene out on me!"

Annie said, "She is lying. The mayor is dedicating a building back home tonight." Greg grabbed his camera bag and she asked? "Where are you going?"

"You keep watching him, I will follow her and see what she is really doing tonight." He opened the door enough to see when she was out of the hallway. He went down the hall and looked around the corner just in time to see her get into the elevator, talking on her cell phone. He took the next elevator and when it reached the ground floor, he saw her looking out the front window of the motel. He went outside so he could get a picture of her leaving the hotel. the brown bunny sex scene was a Taxi sitting outside, so Greg handed a hundred dollar bill to the driver and said, "Start your meter." The cab driver put up the occupied sign. In a few minutes a limousine arrived with another female passenger and the Mayor's wife came out and got today pinay sex scandal the limo. Greg got in the taxi and gave the driver another $200 and said, "Do not lose that limo."

The taxi cab driver said, "You are the boss!" The Limo was headed toward Time's Square. It went about a block past Times Square and pulled orlando bloom sex scene the curb. The cab driver was able to get a parking spot on the other side of the street giving Greg a chance to photograph them when they got out of the Limo. The driver got out and went to the door of a place called Women's Delight. He then came back and got the Mayor's wife and another woman and escorted them to the door. As they turned to thank the driver, Greg was able to get a shot of them with the name of the business directly over their heads. When the limo driver pulled away, Greg handed the cab driver another $200 and said, "Keep the meter running.

"Are you a famous detective?" the driver asked.

"Sort of a detective, but not famous." They both laughed.

"You are the boss, I will be right here!

Greg was not 21 and this was obviously some type of club with a doorman who probably required a password to even get in. When this huge burly man opened the door and asked Greg what he wanted, Greg held out five $100 bills and asked the man if he could get him someplace he could take a picture of the two women that just came in. "Follow me. He took him up to the man operating the watchtower. "This guy needs some pictures of a couple of the broads that just came in.

"What are all these monitors?" Greg asked as he looked at about 20 TV screens.

The man operating the controls explained that they recorded all performance and all private rooms for the safety of the staff and customers. They also monitored webcams for 4 blocks around the club to determine if any police raids were imminent. Greg saw his taxicab in one of the monitors.

Greg setup his video camera up and started recording every movement of the mayor's wife and he suddenly realized the other woman was the mayor's sister. He called Annie and asked her to connect with his camera and record everything in case anything happened to his camera. He realized the place could sex hot videos raided at any moment. He also asked species sex scene if she would call Mrs. Blair and give her the instructions to connect her computer to his web/camera. As he looked around the room he saw groups of women and women as couples. No men were allowed except the performers. He watched one man come out as a fireman and whip the women into frenzy as he stripped until he was wearing a jock strap.

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The dancer dressed as a police officer was standing in the watchtower and Greg held up five $100 bills and said to the dancer, "This is yours if you can get your cock in her mouth."

"Consider it done. You can just leave the money right there." Greg also gave $500 to the man at the controls.

The dancer started his routine and said, "Who wants to be arrested?" Bills were being waved in the air and the mayor's wife and sister were both waving $100 dollar bills. He danced around the room checking out the women and ended at the table with the mayor's wife and sister. He looked at the mayor's wife and said, "Ok lady, turn around and put your hands on the table." He started to pat her down and then started feeling her up. His hand groped her tits. He said he had to check for contraband and put his hand inside her dress under each side of her bra. Then he put his hand up under her dress and said, "These underpants are wet," and pulled them down to her ankles. Removing her shoes, she stepped out of the panties. He held them under his nose and then put them in this coat pocket as evidence. Then he made her spread her feet apart as he did cavity searches, first on her pussy and then up her ass with his middle finger. I need to take you downtown to the station. He handcuffed her and led her to the stage. He removed the handcuffs and had her sit in a chair.

He danced around her and started to do his strip. He took off his hat and removed his belt and gun. He knelt in front of her and told her to unbutton his shirt and pull it out of his pants. He stood up and removed his boots and pants and began giving her a lap dance in his jock strap. He danced around behind her, pushed her dress down and removed her bra. After massaging her tits and squeezing the nipples, he moved in front of her and pulled her head forward and started talking about her beautiful lips. "I know what those lips want to do." She took the sex scandal in bollywood and pulled his jock strap vivica a fox sex scene and started kissing the tip of his cock. He put his hands behind her head and pushed his cock into her mouth.

He said, "Come with me baby," He led her to a room with a bed, while another one of the dancers brought her sister-law into the room.

"I need to get out of here" Greg said as he looked laura linney sex scene some of the exterior monitors and saw some police cars headed to their area. He gave the watchtower operator a card with a P.O. Box # for R & D Resources that was sex cartoon videos with no trace to who owns it. Would you ask the friendly policeman to jerk off in the woman's underpants and send them to this location?

The watchtower operator reached under the counter and hit a button that opened a section of the wall. "Go to the end of hall. When you get to the end of the hall, go through the door and you will be in the lobby of a free indian sex movies The front door is just around the corner from the front of this building. When he went around the free sex education videos he saw his taxi. He walked up beside the taxi and knocked on the window. The cab driver unlocked his door and they left as police cars long lesbians sex movies to cruise the area.

Greg called Annie to let her know he was on his way back to the hotel and learned that Mr. free movie downloads sex had called and escort service to send a woman to his room. As he got off the elevator, he saw Mr. Blair, in the nude, open the door and let a woman enter the room. When he free the simpsons sex video clips Annie in their room, the heat image strap on sex movies Mr. Blair drinking and telling the woman to take her clothes off.

Before I get undressed you need to pay the $200. Mr. Blair turned to his nightstand and picked something up and then put it back down and handed her something. As she was getting undressed, he kept drinking and then lied down on the bed. When she started to join him on the bed, she realized he had passed out. She called her escort service and they heard her say the John was passed out. Yes, I got the money. Ok, I will be ready for another call. They saw her get dressed and then noticed she was picking things up and then took something off his arm and finger.

Annie said, "She's robbing him!"

Greg got his camera and waited for the prostitute to open the door. When she opened the door, he said "You made the mistake of robbing someone under surveillance" She jumped back in surprise and Greg entered the room and closed the door.
"Who are you she asked?"

"Someone who can cause you a lot of trouble and some jail time. Now, step back into the room. Put everything that you stole from him back where you got it." She tried to deny stealing anything, but megan good sex scene took her pocketbook and pulled out a watch, ring and wallet. Greg handed the watch and ring and told her to put them back on his arm and finger.

"What if he wakes up?"

"Why should I do that?"

"Because you do not want to spend the night in jail." While she was getting undressed, Greg picked up Mr. Blair's cell phone to check the last number dialed and saw the ID of the last number dialed was Cheryl's escort service. When the prostitute was nude he told her to lie down beside Mr. Blair with her face turned toward him. He didn't need her face for the photo he was about to take. Her ebony body with a heart tattoo on her ass was in marked contrast to his lily white body, He took a picture and the asked her to take Mr. Blair's cock in her hand for the next picture. When that was finished, he told her she could get dressed.

After she got dressed, Greg gave her Mr. Blair's $200 and another $300 saying, "The extra is for helping with the investigation."

"Wow! Would you like what he was expecting?

Greg looked at her and smiled. She was a beautiful woman and he had quite an erection watching her undress and lie down beside Mr. Blair. If Annie had not been observing everything from the next room, he might have been tempted. "Not tonight." Greg walked her the elevator and when she turned to him their lips met."